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An NYC-based, seven piece combo playing soul with an Afro-Caribbean pulse, San Simón deliver original songs for the mind, heart and feet.

San Simón exists somewhere between the deep moods of Soulquarian neosoul, an electric Afro-Cuban rumba, the sounds of 70s funk and the relentless grooves of Kiskeyan dance rhythms.

The band formed in 2014 when guitarist and composer Evan Ubiera sought out a group of like-minded musicians who were also friends from previous musical experiences. Initial song sketches revolved around soul, neosoul and Afro-Caribbean styles, with room for jazz improvisation. A balance of the memorable, the fun and flavorful. The song's twists and turns complement words inspired by urban struggle, self-assertion and heartfelt political manifestos. It can get personal, political and both at the same time. Check out the debut EP, "Talk To Me", for a taste of San Simón's eclectic sound palette.

In 2016, the lineup evolved to include an all-star cast of great players from the NYC area. JeSanté holds her own with a powerful yet sweet delivery over a band that can easily raise the energy. On keys, musical chameleon and jazz ace Alexis Marcelo seems comfortable in any style the songs present to him, often extending the sound into the outer reaches. Percussionist Ian Leblanc adds folklore know-how and savvy with partner Tony Rodriguez, who flies over the rhythms with the ease of any Cuban rumbero. Bassist Mario Padrón anchors everything with tasteful, in the pocket thumping while Puerto Rican drummer Uriel Monroig uses his firm understanding of the grooves to converse with the band while driving it forward.

A live show becomes a fun party that features the band members pushing the energy over bopping funk grooves, hypnotic clave pockets and rowdy Dominican beats all while JeSanté flexes her pro MC skills on the mic, urging the crowd to move. This is at the end of the day, music for the dance floor. Standing still becomes a challenge! Their sound reflects the distinct musical and cultural backgrounds of the members and their band leader, Dominican-American guitarist and Jersey City native and resident Evan Ubiera.


Sociedad Records

Now working with Sociedad Records. Check out the video they produced for us, "C'est la Vie". here


C'est la Vie


Lady in Pink



Debut video for "C'est la Vie", directed by Amy Collado and produced by Sociedad Records

Fun in Perth Amboy!

Alexis Marcelo lays down serious moog on "C'est la Vie"

"Maní Toté", original song rehearsal in Astoria, Queens.